DWI/DWI Administrative Hearings

DWI – or driving while intoxicated – is a common charge in the State of Missouri. Every day, drivers are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and their licenses are suspended or even revoked. However, when it happens to you, it can be the most frightening experience you’ve ever been through. What will you do if you can’t legally drive a car? What will you do with a DWI on your driving record?

After being arrested on the suspicion of DWI, you will receive a Notice Of Suspension/Revocation of your license. You have fifteen (15) days to request a DWI administrative hearing, where you can have an attorney present and defend your right to keep your license. If you fail to request the hearing within that time frame, you will waive your right to a hearing completely and your license will remain suspended for a period of time as indicated on the Notice.

While it is possible to request and attend a DWI administrative hearing without an attorney present, doing so is not in your best interest. A qualified Missouri DWI attorney will examine the evidence in your case, including what happened before, during and after the DWI arrest, and will petition the Department to waive suspension or revocation. Additionally, a Missouri DWI lawyer can defend you in court for the criminal charges of driving while intoxicated, which is a separate matter from the administrative hearing conducted by the Department.

Making a poor choice to drink and drive, or being wrongly accused of driving under the influence of alcohol doesn’t have to ruin your life. Call me today to discuss your case.


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