Violent Crimes

Violent crimes, such as murder or manslaughter, are among the most aggressively prosecuted and seriously punished types of crimes. They are almost always charged as a felony and carry with them significant prison time, probation, thousands of dollars worth of fines, mandatory counseling, and a permanent criminal record. Being convicted of a violent crime will change your life, and not for the better.

Some people believe that violent crime cases are typically open and shut and that the defendant is guilty, this is often untrue. The truth is, the evidence in many of these types of cases is circumstantial at best. With the skills and expertise of a seasoned Missouri criminal defense attorney, circumstantial and inadequate evidence in a violent crime case can be successfully challenged, and the charges can be cleared or reduced to a lesser crime.

At the Law Firm Of Karie Pennington, I know how serious being charged with a violent crime is. I take all of my cases seriously, and when I consult with you, I am committed to providing you with high quality legal service and sound legal advice. I review the evidence in your case fully, and work with expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf when necessary. My goal is to build you a solid case that you can stand behind confidently in a court of law.

Don’t assume that your life is now over because you’ve been accused of a violent crime. You can fight the charges against you, and I can help you do that.


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